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    โปรโมชั่น กติกาการเล่น สล็อต

    Australian opal from our own mines and all types of gemstones from all over the world. Peter Blythe, the?founder of Mineshaft, has had many years of professional mining experience at Mintabie Opal Fields where he discovered many pockets of opal. These pockets contained black opal, crystal opal and semi black opal. This was followed by several years of mining boulder opal in the area north west of Quilpie in Queensland. Most of the opal on display on this site has been mined and cut by Peter.

    Peter & Robert having a tea break

    Peter & Robert having a tea break

    In addition to the famous Australian Opal, Mineshaft has a large range of other gemstones, gemstone jewelry, crystals, fossils and collectables.

    Mineshaft, the store, was opened in 1978 in the Cooleman Court shopping mall in Canberra. Since then it has moved to the major Canberra Centre shopping mall in the heart of the central business district.? Opening hours are?Monday to Thursday 9 to 5.30,?Friday 9 to 9,?Saturday 9 to 5?and Sunday 10 to 4.

    The website is a glimpse into the business and will continue to grow.

    If you want to know what is the ‘latest’ at Mineshaft go to our Facebook page and our instagram

    Due to the fact that every opal is individually unique and most of the collectables are one off items, the actual item may not always be available for purchase as it may have recently sold. If you see something you like, please send us an e mail and we will let you know the availability or send you pictures and prices of current similar stock. The postage fee is the actual postage rate we have to pay and there are no handling charges. We accept Paypal.

    You will see constant additions to our website?as new stock arrives and we get the time to put a small percentage of these on?line.

    Mineshaft is a unique store and it’s products are special. This has happened because the business is run with a passion. This website will be only a glimpse of the product available and a hint of the passion behind the business.

    INFORMATION For information contact us at mineshaft@webone.

    HOW TO PURCHASE Move the mouse over the ‘about us’ tab and click on the ‘contact us’. Send us an e mail with what you want to purchase.

    PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL, CHEQUE or DIRECT DEPOSIT.

    Mineshaft is located in the Canberra Centre

    Mineshaft is located in the Canberra Centre

    Mineshaft is on the ground level?in the arcade between Aldi and Target. Below is a photo of our shopfront. There are Directory boards throughout the Canberra Centre for you to check. A link to the Canberra Centre website is www.canberracentre.com.au/directory/retailers/mineshaft-dg14.aspx

    The?new?MINESHAFT opened?July 2015.

    Below are some of the displays inside the new shop.

    The Golden Shovel

    The Golden Shovel

    Peter’s first shovel and mining registration?tag?now hangs proudly on the wall of the shop.?This shovel was used (and worn out) in?his first 12 months opal mining and?shovelled dirt from the mine producing several thousand ounces of opal that is still being cut and sold in the shop and on line today.

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